Tonight as my elvish words go wayward,
The wicked muse hides behind the drapes.
Hide and seek, let’s play it, the game
Of blues and green and purple; here we go.

Full of pep, the breezy words takes their turn
To catch their muse, the Alpha and Omega.
Give an impulse, let’s start with infinity
To run a marathon, a race of illusions.

Ensure that we chance upon the spotty springs,
Breathe a moment to live the erratic pulse
Of those stray dogs, I mean thoughts
For we shall meet once, and never again.

Splash those poker faced waves upon me,
Straight across my face. Let’s all get drained,
In the merry league of words and muse.
The party is over. Let’s part for tonight.

Infant Romance/ A Fiction

Our romance so infant, yet so fervent,
Ferries us along the exotic grooves.
A flawless melody rings in the backdrop
As we take a dive to kiss the core
Of our breaths. Mysteries undress
As we take a swing to the east,
Swirling round the compass of alchemy.
All is round and go round to return;
The fiction conceives a charm, eternal.

Bliss 1

Seasons in the mountains
No more scared of the stains

The sky blushes out of the newly found joy;
The earth cradles the infant exploration;
The rivers stream along all the way
Round the scene. Smiles in all hues coil us
Round and round. Eyes, like stars, twinkle.
In the very twinkle of the twinkle, we dance
To the euphoric hum of the energy connects.

In the merry league of wind
With the man of my kind

Insomniac Murmurs

This night is intense in its longing for a companionship. However no friendship is insomniac enough to party through the night. Nature probably, has got a way to connect with you, especially during solitary hours like this. I have been conveniently ignoring the rains, the chill that they cause one to dive into the warmth of the blanket. There is this rhythm of a perfect lullaby ringing outside. And I am awake, “the cold never bothered me anyway”.


Live and Let Live

Call it a break or goodbye, I just deactivated my Facebook account. Since there is no option to delete, I ended on a deactivation. For quite some time, there has been an outspread of hatred in the social media, the logic of which I really don’t understand. It seems like we have long forgotten treating each other as human beings, giving each other mutual respect, love and dignity. We have become biased, basing our thoughts on the man made divides. If we are not able to think beyond the divides, we are exploring the dimensions of our failings as human beings. For a while, I stayed passive, ignoring the painful vibes this outbreak of hatred generated. Whether you remain active or passive doesn’t matter, it still hurts, deep within, it still hurts.

The hypocrisy of virtual beings, the heroified absurdities, the lunatic chases, the depressed brains, degradation on gender grounds. . . ., the list goes countless and even monotonous (All of it deals it with hatred). At this point, I am deeply reminded of the poem Hatred by the Nobel laureate Wislawa Szymborska. Nothing explains it better.

The way the poem begins,

“See how efficient it still is,
how it keeps itself in shape—
our century’s hatred.”

sets the perfect ambiance of the very word, rather phenomenon. And the lines quoted below is what goes on at present as well, like that’s how the way of the world works.

“Gifted, diligent, hard-working.
Need we mention all the songs it has composed?
All the pages it has added to our history books?
All the human carpets it has spread
over countless city squares and football fields?”

It takes a lot of effort to be born as a human being. It may not be so easy to survive the odds and evens life has got to offer. It is even more difficult and challenging to live as a human being, despite the tempting other side of it. Idealism might be just another theory, but to be able to be firm on the humane values and ethics is not. Let the world wake up to better tomorrows, prospering with the joy of love and humanity. On that note, good night world!

A Rumi Start

“This is love:
to fly toward a secret sky,
to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.
First to let go of life. Finally
to take a step without feet.”

I had a hundred other things rushing in mind, I was rather thoughtless (that’s what an excess of thoughts result in) while getting stuck with this quote of Rumi. A couple of weeks back, I happened to unveil a blog that I thought I had lost, that I thought I had buried in the invisible realms that it would never pop up again. But to my surprise, it did show up. I was awakened to the reality that all my posts then reflected the shades of depression I had been through. And what’s more surprising is that I have totally lost that part of me to that wintry phase. An evolution has happened over me. Yes, I have undergone an absolute metamorphosis. The spirit in-housed in the cocoon has erupted out of the shell to find out that the limited world was an illusion and what’s real is a universe to explore, full of possibilities, where life and love stay intertwined.

That was a sort of enlightenment. No, not the Buddha kind of one, but yeah, something that has taken me a long way through to reach the absolute bliss. I am not yet there. It may take another few births to attain the Buddha-hood. But this in every way, a rejuvenation for me. I take births within a birth. And the passion I have got for writing favors me with a lot more privileges, usually enjoyed by the chosen. The process of befriending letters and romancing words illuminates the road I have taken, getting me a festive view of the world.

Beyond religion, beyond politics, beyond the societal affairs, beyond the complexities of illusions, beyond all the superficial realities of life, there is a world and that’s where I belong to. I was planning to post something else but the words took me another course. The random flow, the aimless journeys, the surprising wonders, the coincidental fortunes mesmerize me like anything. And that’s what this blog is all about. Having begun on a Rumi quote, I shall end it on one.

“Respond to every call
that excites your spirit.
Ignore those that make you fearful
and sad, that degrade you
back toward disease and death.”